UM Faceted Search – Search Form Setup

After installing the UM Faceted Search and the desired profile fields, you can set up a search form with all the required fields.

  1. Go to WP Admin > UM Faceted Search > Forms
  2. Click Add New
  3. Give the form a title to be able to find it later
  4. Add the desired fields
    1. Facet Label – The text displayed by each field in the search
    2. Facet Key – The field to search
    3. Facet Type – This is the type of field to display.
      1. Text: This allows users to type keywords to search for field values
      2. Checkboxes: This allows users to toggle their search options via checkboxes
      3. Range: This creates a slider that users can use to search a range of field values. For example selecting a certain age range, weight, height, years in profession
    4. Operator – This determines how the search will find the user’s based on their fields for example exact match or partial matches
      1. LIKE : This allows a partial match for example a user can type the words “joh” for the first name field and profiles with the following name likes john, johan, johnny, johnson would be returned
      2. EQUAL: This make the users selection an exact match. For example, if a user types “apple” then only profiles with a field value of “apply” will be returned
      3. IN: This is useful for search filters with checkboxes. It allows users to select multiple options and if any profiles has fields with any option of the selected option then they will be displayed.


Fields can be reordered on the same page.