UM Story for Ultimate Member comes with plenty of options to customize the plugin.

General Tab

Post Type

Set the post type that you would the form to save the user content to. The default post type is the built-in is um_story but you can change this to another such as post.

Allowed User Roles

Choose which user role should have access to seeing the Story tab.

If combined with a membership plugin, then one can give members with a premium role access to add stories.

Amount Per Load

This determines the default amount of stories that should be displayed on a profile and how many to be displayed each time a user scrolls.

Form Editor

Choose the type of editor to be used during submission.

  • Textrarea ( Plain )
  • TinyMCE
  • WordPress Editor

Allow Categories

Give users the ability to organize their stories into categories by turning this feature on. Once enabled, you can enter categories that you would like users to choose from. For example, you can create different themes or topics for submissions.

Allow Featured Image

Easily turn off the ability to save featured images to stories during submission. Once turned on, featured images will be displayed at the top of the story entry.

Allow Comments

Turn on comments to allow users to be able to submit comments to submitted stories.