UM Docs Shortcodes

Document Directory

Use the following shortcode for creating a directory of documents. The directory contains the same permissions


Available parameters are:

  • category
  • exclude_category
  • tags
  • exclude_tags
  • author
  • number
  • orderby
  • order
  • ids
  • layout
  • view
  • page

The category and tags parameters use a comma separated list of IDs. Example

[um_docs_directory category="1,13" tags="8, 17"]

TheĀ Ā Ā exclude_categoryĀ andĀ exclude_tagsĀ parameters are used to prevent downloads with specific categories or tags from being displayed. Use a comma separated list of IDs for each.

TheĀ Ā Ā orderĀ parameter accepts eitherĀ “DESC”Ā orĀ “ASC”.

TheĀ Ā Ā idsĀ parameter accepts specific download IDs. You can specify multiple download IDs using comma separated values. For example:

[um_docs_directory ids="6,3,5"]

The layout parameter accepts grid and table. The default is grid. Example

[um_docs_directory layout="table"]

The view parameter accepts uploads and pinned. Example

[um_docs_directory view="uploads"]

The number parameter accepts a number for the amount of docs to be displayed. Example

[um_docs_directory number="20"]

Document Form

Use the following shortcode for adding a document submission form.