Admin Settings

The plugin has several useful configuration settings available. You can use these settings to control how you would like users to interact with the plugin. To get started, you must first log in as an administrator and go to Documents > Documents Settings. From the settings screen, you will notice several tabs and options under each.

Document Form Page

You can choose where you would like users to upload their documents by selecting the form page. You can find more about this here.

Allowed User Roles

This options allows you to restrict the ability to upload documents to certain UM community roles. However, this option is ignore if “Restrict frontend file upload” is checked.

Documents List Layout

The plugin comes with two layouts for documents. They can be placed in a horizontal grid or the can be vertically listed in a table.

Subnav Position

This option allows you to choose the position of the subnav. The nav includes the ‘Add Files’ and ‘Settings’ and the options available are

  • Above All – Places the subnav above the documents that the user has uploaded and pinned documents.
  • Above User Uploads – Places the subnav above the documents that the user has uploaded.

Restrict frontend file upload

With this option you can take away the form page so users won’t be able to upload documents from the frontend of the site. This gives administrators total control over the files uploaded. This option works great for administrators that would like to create and attach documents to specific users.

Hide Settings tab

This is a simple option for hiding the settings tab.

Hide Thumbnail?

If your site does not require thumbnails with documents then you can easily toggle this feature off. This is especially useful for sites that deals mainly with word document and text files.