Per Page Set the number of activity per load by using the per_page attribute.

[learndash_activity_wall per_page="1"]

Activity Type

You can use the attribute  activity_type to specify the type of activity to be displayed; all, course, lesson, quiz

[learndash_activity_wall activity_type="lesson" per_page="2"]


You can use the following  status attribute to specify the status of user activity to be displayed. Available options are; all, started, completed

[learndash_activity_wall per_page="5" status="started"]

Show/Hide Load More Button

You can use the attribute  show_load_more to show or hide the load more button.

[learndash_activity_wall show_load_more="0"]

Show or Hide Comments and Likes button

You can use the attribute  show_comments or  show_likes to show or hide the likes and comments.

[learndash_activity_wall show_comments="0" show_likes="0" per_page="2"]