Configure UM Gravity Form Entries


In order to create a a tab for UM Gravity Form entries, you must first have the following:

  1. Gravity Form installed and activated
  2. Ultimate Member installed and activated
  3. UM Gravity Form Entries installed and activated
  4. At least one Gravity Form form created.

Creating a new entries tab

  1. Go to WP Admin > GF Tabs and select Add New
  2. Enter the title of the title, tab name and tab slug.
    1. The tab slug should be lowercase with no spaces and no full-stops
  3. Select the form where entries will be taken from.
    1. Once a form is chosen, all the available fields will be displayed for the form
    2. Check the checkbox next to the field that you would like displayed on tab. You can also set a label and re-order the fields.
  4. Change the Tab Settings from the right to your preference
  5. Hit Publish to save the form

Making tabs show up on profiles

  1. Go to WP Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings
  2. Click Appearance then Profile Menu
  3. You will see the your generated tab(s) listed
  4. Save settings
  5. Test it on profile