Upgrading to Ultimate Member 2.0

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So, you are thinking about upgrading to Ultimate Member 2.0 or maybe you have already done the upgrade and are running into issues. Don’t fret, major upgrades can cause some temporary issues but I am here to help make the transition smoother with my plugins.

Get those plugin up-to-date

Firstly, make sure you are using the latest version of plugins from this site. You can get the latest version of the plugin by activating your license from the plugin settings or you can download the plugin by logging into SuitePlugins, going to My Purchases and clicking the plugin file. Once, you have done this, you can upgrade to Ultimate Member 2.0+ as per their instructions.

What plugins are 2.0 ready?

Solving issues

Now, what if you upgraded to Ultimate Member 2.0 and your site breaks? If you have not updated your plugins as mentioned before then simply deactivate the plugins or rollback to working state and update those plugins.

Still having issues? Ok, no worries. Contact me through the form below and I will work to get your site compatible and running again.

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