Classifieds for Ultimate Member

Classifieds for Ultimate Member is an easy to use market place plugin for Ultimate Member. Think craigslist but on your site.
Classifieds for Ultimate Member plugin

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  • Enable Categories to submission form
  • Enable/Disable Image Uploads
  • Modal Contact Form
  • Carousel & Lightbox Photos
  • Shortcodes available
  • Restrict tab to specific community roles
  • Customize Tab Labels
  • Language Translation-ready
  • Automatic License Updating
  • Priority Support

Message Sellers via Private Messages or via custom contact form if the Private Messages plugin is not available.


[um_classifieds_list] – Creates a list of classified items.
Available Params
– limit : The amount of items to display
– user_id: Gets items by a particular user

[um_classifieds_categories] – Displays all the registered classified categories

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    = 1.0.2 = 
    Fixed broken section in list shortcode
    Updated components
    Improved plugin speed
    Improved the classifieds grid layout
    = =
    - Fixed: Cleaned up the way the description section is rendered
    = =
    - New: Started work on adding comments section to plugin
    = =
    - New: Added new page selection for Single Listing layout
    - New: Added new option to change Email subject and message template
    - Fixed: Issue with licensing
    - Fixed: The roles section is causing an error
    - Fixed: Email sometimes not sending to users
    - Maintenance: Updated Libraries
    - Maintenance: Tested WordPress 5.8
    - Maintenance: Tested Ultimate Member 2.2.1
    = =
    - Fixed: Admin settings display error
    - Fixed: License page not working
    - Maintenance: Tested with WordPress 6.2.2