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An amazing Photo and Video Gallery add-on for Ultimate Member.

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All Features

  • New in! Tags and Category addon.
  • New in! Admin editable photos.
  • Full screen mode
  • Multisite Ready. Network activate UM Gallery Pro across your sites.
  • Labels. Customize the tab name, icon and other text in the plugin.
  • Activity wall posting. New albums posted to activity wall. Requires Social Activity
  • Comments. Easily enable comments posting in photo lightbox.
  • Added Vimeo video support
  • Videos in Gallery. Easily add videos along side photos.
  • Photos organized into Albums
  • Custom Lightbox Window
  • User editable caption
  • Albums shortcode – Display a list of albums on any page/widget
  • Revamped code – Much lighter plugin
  • 3 layouts to choose from; Carousel, Grid and Slideshow
  • Display recent uploads on profile landing page
  • Easy to use Drag and Drop image uploader
  • Admin Configuration
  • Priority Customer Support

Upcoming Features

  • Gallery/Folders for photos
  • Community Role Restriction
  • Comments
  • Activity Wall Integration
  • Image Ratings
  • Friends and Followers Photos Tab
  • Search and Filter
  • Category and/or tags
  • Privacy Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but is being revamped

No, this plugin supports links from Youtube, Vimeo and other qualified sources.

Yes, you can save on this gallery by purchasing it as a part of the UM Starter Suite or Lifetime Access Suite

The license lasts 1 year from the time of purchase.

With all products, support is provided via forums and support form?

Yes, simply send a message via the suggestion form to discuss custom features

Like Ultimate Member, the plugin is universal and works well with all themes but our theme SocialTribe has custom styling for the gallery.

No, instead of flooding your media library with thousands of photos, the plugin stores all media files in a custom folder.

Do you have a suggestion for Gallery?

We actively try to improve all of our plugins based on customer suggestions. Do you have a suggestion for this Ultimate Member add-on? Let us know below.

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    == 09/27/2016 ==
    Fix: Refactored code
    Fix: Right section
    Fix: Remove Add Album from displaying on other user profile
    Fix: Changed from page reload on album save
    Fix: Made compatible with UM Reorder Tabs
    Added: Ability to view newly created albums immediately
    Added: Integrated with UM Activity
    == 1.0.7 ==
    Fixed Uploaded images incorrect orientation
    Fixed URL in album shortcode not going to owner album
    == ==
    Added video gallery option
    Fixed issue with themes and plugins using Magnific popup
    == ==
    Integrated Ultimate Member Appearance colors in plugin
    Added Vimeo as video option
    Fixed video thumbnails not appearing on album thumbnail
    General style clean up
    == ==
    Fixed styling on album grid
    Removed print_r from debugging
    Loaded video thumbnail after album creation
    Fixed issue with Youtube shortlinks not working
    == ==
    Ultimate Member 1.3.81 compatibility tests
    Integrated comments system to photos
    == ==
    Added option to customize labels
    Added option change profile tab and slug
    == ==
    Increased admin list to 20 from 5
    Moved some settings to layout tab
    Fixed issue with plugin updater
    == ==
    Fixed Allowed Roles setting not restricting user access
    == ==
    Fixed albums displaying multiple times after save
    Made plugin multisite ready
    == ==
    Changed new gallery to prepend to list-style
    Added AJAX animation during save
    Removed images and videos after album update
    Fixed images not deleting from server
    Fixed image not displaying after deletion in lightbox
    Fixed broken image after new image insert
    Fixed issue with deleting albums from admin.
    == ==
    Fixed issue with hiding recent photos from main profile tab
    Fixed issue with translatable language files not working
    Added Advanced tab and database repair button
    Updated CMB2
    Restructured settings panel
    == 1.0.8 ==
    Fixed issue with images always appearing on main tab.
    Fixed issue with admin list error in PHP7
    Fixed albums not appearing immediately after update/create
    Added fullscreen feature
    == ==
    Fixed issue with admin list
    == ==
    Added option to turn off fullscreen feature
    Added new styles for plugin on mobile screens
    Added option to close modal after album update
    == ==
    Added username as [um_gallery_albums] attribute
    Updated .pot translation file
    == ==
    Added Tags
    Added Categories
    Added admin photo edit option
    Added new shortcode for Masonry
    Fixed issue with comment form not loading
    Fixed typos in language file
    == ==
    Fixed Styling
    == 1.0.9 ==
    New: Better licensing message
    New: Made thumbnails equal height
    New: Integration with UM Meet Me plugin introduced
    Updated: Update Libraries 
    Fixed: License not activating with no notice
    Fixed: Issue with Social Activity posting
    Fixed: Some styling issues
    == ==
    New: Masonry layout
    New: Autoload more
    New: Increased simulatanous file uploads
    New: Added option to set number of photos on profile
    Fixed: Allowed Roles conflict with Ultimate Member Profile Menu options
    Fixed: Auto loaded image showing wrong images
    Fixed: Single album mode displaying wrong media
    Fixed: Slashes appearing where apostrophes are added
    Fixed: Fixed an error that displayed on main profile
    Fixed: Masonry not working with all photos
    Fixed: Gallery and EventOn plugin conflicts
    Tested Compatibily with WordPress 5.4.1 and Ultimate Member  2.1.5
    New: Privacy for Albums and Photos has been integrated
    New: Separated settings for Main layout and Gallery tab
    New: Placeholder for new layouts added
    Fixed: Avatar and name not linked to user profile in comments
    Fixed: Shortcodes always autoload a photo
    Fixed: Carousel not showing based on settings
    Fixed: Unminified source assets are not needed.
    Fixed: Gallery images not changing due to JS error
    Fixed: Not able to have multiple galleries on page
    Fixed: Vimeo videos not working anymore
    Fixed: Only able to upload one photo at a time
    New: Added new capability to add custom fields to album form
    Maintenance: Tested compatibility with Ultimate Member 2.3.0 and WordPress 5.8.2
    Improvements: Added more security checks on uploads
    Fixed: Some errors are being displayed in log
    Fixed: Categories and Tags link to no where in admin
    Fixed: No error message when album fail to update
    Fixed: Images are rotated after uploaded
    This update affects the template file album-form.php
    New: Added new option to move media to top or bottom of main tab 
    Fixed: Admin edit not working
    Fixed: Fallback avatar is too big in modal
    Fixed: Images not changing
    New: Added a new addon to allow specific roles to add / edit other user's albums and photos.
    Fixed: Modal not opening on a particular theme
    Maintenance: Cleaned up code and compatibility with latest Ultimate Member