Documents for Ultimate Member plugin

The Docs for Ultimate Member is an add-on created to work with the popular Ultimate Member,  a fantastic Social Networking plugin. The add-on will give members the ability to upload files that can be downloaded by others and the public. Docs for Ultimate Member is extremely easy to use and boasts the following features:


  • New! Admins can now approve new uploads
  • New! Admins can now receive email notifications when a new file is added
  • New! Customizable form labels
  • Users can share docs with others
  • Confirmation alerts prior to downloads
  • Table Layout for flat downloads list
  • Downloads tracker in admin. See which user has downloaded a file
  • Pinned files – Feature important files above all others
  • Editable Labels
  • Restrict documents upload to specific UM Community Role
  • User created file contribution from frontend
  • User edit and delete option
  • Privacy per File
  • Global Privacy Setting
  • Possible Admin only file uploads
  • Downloadable Files
  • Download Count
  • Ajaxed load more
  • Thumbnails for image files
  • Custom Documents Tab
  • Language Localization
  • Extendable Plugin

How it works

Users will be able to to their Documents’ tab and choose “Upload Files”. The user will be presented a form that they can fill out and upload the file. Once complete, the page is redirected back to the user documents tab.

In the admin settings, you can restrict user upload and allow admin only file upload. Perfect for sharing company documents, receipts to all or specific users.

What can you make with Docs for Ultimate Member?

  • Client Receipts – Use Docs to attach customer receipts/notes to their account
  • Site Instructions and Templates – Easily attach downloadable instructions for your users
  • Contracts – Add contracts or sensitive material to specific users with the option to require them to confirm agreement before downloading
  • Grades – Running a school site? Easily attach grades and reports to students and/or parents.
  • Build a Portfolio Site – Allow your members to upload and build a digital portfolio of their work
  • Lots more.

How does file privacy work?

Below is a snap shot of how UM Docs can be configured to meet your specific privacy needs for guests and registered users.

Pinned + Public = Guests + Registered Users + Owner

Public = Guests + Registered Users + Owner

Public + Shared = Shared Users + Owner

Pinned + Private = Registered Users + Owner

Shared + Private = Shared Users + Owner

Private = Owner



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