Behind the Scenes: September 2016

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I know it’s mid-month but hey! better late than never. Take a look at what is happening the behind the scenes here at SuitePlugins.

Revamped Gallery Plugin

After months of coding we have cleaned up and improved the plugin Gallery for Ultimate Member. In the latest update we included Albums and a custom popup window with space for more upcoming features. Some of the upcoming features will include comments, photo voting and photo tagging.

New Plugin

We launched GF Entries for Ultimate Member. This plugin will be perfect for users that use Gravity Forms on their site for Membership, logging or other submissions. It allows users to have a list of entries listed on their profile.

Upcoming Plugins

Coming up next we have Username Change for Ultimate Member and Circles for Ultimate Member. Username Change for Ultimate Member will allow users to change their username on their account while Circles for Ultimate Member will be an awesome addition to Ultimate Member.

Circles for Ultimate Member will allow users to group users into groups and interact with them separately. Using Social Activity users will be able to tag their circle and each user within the circle will receive a notification. Circles will be integrated with other SuitePlugins extensions like Docs for Ultimate Member, Stories for Ultimate Member and Gallery for Ultimate Member

Documentation Update

Unfortunately, our documentation section needs a lot more work. We will be looking into improving the documentation for the individual extensions there



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