Gravity Form Entries for Ultimate Member plugin

Do you use Gravity Forms? Do you use Ultimate Member? Great! This new plugin will allow you to display user’s entries on their profile.

Gravity Forms Entries for Ultimate Member was created to fill the gap between Ultimate Member and Gravity Form. If you are currently using Gravity Forms to manage membership then you can use this plugin to list user’s transactions.


  • Unlimited Tab creation
  • Unlimited Tab Field variations
  • Sortable Table Headers
  • Rename Table Headers
  • Display Tabs on specific user roles
  • Make tabs private or public
  • Language Translation-ready
Sample of Curated Entries on User Profile


Admin Setting for creating a new tab and selecting the Form and the fields to show.

Control the tab position and privacy
  • Tab Section – Option to place entries list on profile or Account section
  • Make the tab public to all users or private to the owner
  • Set the icon for the tab
  • Select the role of the users that can see the tab on profile


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