This addon for Ultimate Member brings the ability to block and report profiles.  

Block and Report Button

The plugin adds a new icon to the far right of a profile that will display the option to Report or Block a user.

Blocking Users

Users can easily block another user from seeing their profile. When a user becomes blocked, that user won’t be able to view and search for the blocker’s profile

Reporting Users

Not only can users block a user, they can also report a user. When reporting a user, the reporter can choose from a list of reasons that admin create and can optionally add a comment about their report.

Moderating Reported Users

In the admin, webmasters can see all the reported users and make an option to deactivate their account or manually contact the user.

Privacy for Ultimate Member is the latest plugin for SuitePlugins and is available in the UM Starter Suite and upcoming UM Dating Suite.

If you have any questions about Privacy for Ultimate Member, feel free to contact us via our live chat or contact form.

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