What new? Ultimate Member plugins March 2019 edition

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So it’s the mid of March 2019 and I am sure you are looking for what new plugins are coming out for Ultimate Member and BuddyPress. Well, rest assured there are plugins being created and updated. Here’s a rundown on what is happening behind the scenes.

Gifts for Ultimate Member

Yes, you heard right. Another Ultimate Member plugin is on its way. This plugin will allow you your users to go to other users’ profiles and send virtual gifts to each other. It’s going to be pretty neat and it will be a part of the UM Dating Suite.

Block and Report users in Ultimate Member

This is a plugin that is way overdue but it is being worked on. This plugin will allow users to block other users from seeing their profile and even report users to administrators. The admins will then be able to pause and unpause a user account. All the details haven’t hashed out as yet but you get the gist.

UM Docs

The Docs plugin for Ultimate Member is one of the most popular plugins on the site and so adding new features is always priority. What is happening with this plugin is that there is a need to improve the security of files even more so behind the scenes, some additional security features are being worked on.

Also, there has been a lot messages about using the plugin for user to admin style only. This feature request is being investigated to figure out a way to set up a group of files that admins would like each user to upload. For example Admin would like to have an upload area to have customers upload 1 invoice, 1 form of Identification that would never be set to public since it is only required for admin. Sounds complicated and it is but you asked for it so you will get it.

More Ultimate Member support

Every once in a while, you may notice SuitePlugins on the WordPress forum for Ultimate Member answering questions. I think this is a great way to give back to support the Ultimate Member plugin and WordPress. It’s something that SuitePlugins will continue to do to help everyone out. I think by helping out in the forum, it frees up more time for the UM team to work on improving the core plugin.

Videos! WordPress, BuddyPress and Ultimate Member Tutorial Videos

No on the team has like a really sexy tutorial voice so creating videos for you has been on the back-burner but it’s going to happen. I promise. SuitePlugins will begin producing video tutorials and demonstrations on how to use BuddyPress, Ultimate Member and SuitePlugins’ plugins. It may be a bit rocky when they are first released but hopefully they’ll get better.

Ultimate Member Custom Work

Yes! SuitePlugins does provide custom work! Although, the team has been focused on providing support and creating new plugins, we also would would like to get back to providing more custom work. Sometimes our plugins are not enough to pull off some of the amazing communities that you all can come up with. With our experience in WordPress, BuddyPress and other plugins — we would be to help you launch an awesome online community or site.

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