Using Ultimate Member and LearnDash

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We are huge fans of LearnDash and Ultimate Member, so it was only fitting that we brought both WordPress plugins together. LearnDash is a popular LMS (Learning Management System) for WordPress which allows users to take courses with lessons and quizzes while Ultimate Member is WordPress plugin geared towards the creation Social Network and online communities.

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The plugin LearnDash for Ultimate Member allows users to view all their courses and course activity from their profile. This way, everything is in an easy to find location for them.

LearnDash for Ultimate Member

No community plugin would be complete, if it did not incorporate an activity timeline, so we also included a way to post to the Ultimate Member Activity wall when a user completed a LearnDash Course.

LearnDash on Activity Timeline

Now, when a user has completed a course, others can see their progress and celebrate with them by Liking the post or even writing a comment.

We look forward to building more LearnDash and Ultimate Member plugins as well as improving this one. We think hooking into the UM roles, groups and conditional features is going to take this plugin even further.

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