Free Extensions For Ultimate Member – August 2019

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Ultimate Member is a great plugin itself but when we extend the features of it using extensions or add-ons, it becomes even better. A part from that, you don’t really need to pay for all the good extensions out there. Some of them are free of cost and still very useful and effective.

So, today, we’ll talk about all the free extensions or add-ons which can enhance your site’s features or functionality.

Let’s get going.

1. Post Recommendations for Ultimate Member

Post recommendation for Ultimate Member extension is very neat and useful. It allows your visitors/users to choose their preferred categories and then the plugin will show them posts under their selected categories.

It’s a great way to customize your blog feed or post feed for each individual like social media.


  • Modal window with Category selection
  • AJAX Posts filtering
  • Hierarchical Category Dropdown
  • Uses same styles as Ultimate Member
  • Change the “Choose Categories” text from admin
  • Admin option for changing tab name and slug
  • Automatic updates with licensing


2. Login Widget for Ultimate Member

The Widget Settings
The Login Form Once Logged-In

This Ultimate Member extension allows you to add login form on your site as a widget. Users will be able to sign in using the login form and once logged in they’ll see their profile details, account settings, and all other Ultimate Member tabs. See the screenshots above.


3. ForumWP Integration

Have you ever thought of creating a super functional forum on your site? Well, if you have a ForumWP subscription then you can use this extension to create just that.

This extension integrates with the Ultimate Member plugin and creates a beautiful and fully functional forum.

Key Features

  • All forum user links automatically redirected to Ultimate Member profile
  • Creates a forums tab on the Ultimate Member profile
  • Shows a user’s topics and replies on the forums tab
  • Shows count of topics and replies on profile
  • Allows user to control subscriptions and bookmarks from their profile
  • Lets you setup which roles can have a forums tab on their profile

Content Restriction Features

  • Allow forums to be accessed by certain user roles
  • Allow topics to be accessed by certain user roles
  • Control which roles can post topics or replies in a specific forum(s)
  • Allow/prevent a specific user role from creating new topics/replies in forums
  • Manually disable creating new topics on a user role basis

Important information

  • This extension requires a subscription to the ForumWP WordPress plugin. ForumWP is a paid-only plugin.
  • Requires Ultimate Member 2.0.53+


4. Online Users

This amazing extension will allows you to show online users anywhere using a shortcode or in a sidebar widget. The extension allow shows the online status on user profiles.

So it’s a very useful feature if you’re building a social community or any kind of community website.

Or you can just show off your active online users.

Key Features

  • Show online users with a shortcode
  • Widget for showing online users in sidebar or footer
  • Show all user roles in widget or select to show one role only
  • Set the number of profile pics to show in the first view (reveal section for additional online users)
  • Displays a green dot next to each online user name on their profile
  • Display a user’s online status in profile header or on the directory using online status field
  • Adds an option to the privacy tab on the account page for users to decide whether they want to be shown as online or not


5. Terms & Conditions

This plugin or extension adds a checkbox for your registration form. Users have to agree with your terms and conditions to complete the registration.

Key Features

  • Require users to agree to the terms and conditions before being able to register
  • Users can read the terms and conditions directly from registration form via show/hide toggle
  • Ability to show different terms & conditions on each registration form


6. Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA is a free service to prevent bots on your site. You might have used them a lot of times.

You can add the same to your Ultimate Member registration and login pages to prevent the bots on your site.


7. WPBruiser

If for some reason you don’t like the Google reCAPTCHA on your website then you can this one.

It does the same work that Google reCAPTCHA does but in the background.

I personally haven’t tested it but it seems to be nice by looking at the reviews and ratings at WordPress plugins repository

Give it a try!

Key Features

  • Standard WordPress Login form integration
  • Register form integration
  • Forgot Password form integration
  • Comments form integration
  • Ability to set the maximum number of characters for each comment field
  • Logging with the ability to enable/disable it
  • Automatically Block IP Addresses
  • Automatically purge logs older than a certain number of days
  • Manually white-list trusted IP Address (IPV4 and IPV6)
  • Manually block/unblock IP Addresses (IPV4 and IPV6)
  • Properly detects client IP Address when using Cloudflare, Incapsula, Cloudfront, RackSpace, Sucuri CloudProxy, AWS ELB
  • Provides statistics, reports, maps, and charts with all blocked spam attempts
  • No requests to external APIs
  • Can be switched to “Test Mode” – for testing
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite – network admin interface ready
  • Compatible with cache plugins (WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, ZenCache, WP Fastest Cache and others)
  • Invisible for end-users (works in the background)
  • Does not affect page loading times


  • Automatically detects Brute Force attacks
  • Ability to automatically block IP Addresses
  • Prevents User Enumeration
  • Block the most dangerous IP addresses involved in brute force attacks
  • Ability to block most dangerous Anonymous Proxy IP addresses including TOR Networks, TOR Nodes, and TOR Exit Points
  • Completely Disable XML-RPC service – it seamlessly works with Jetpack plugin activated
  • Disable XML-RPC Pingbacks
  • Email notifications when a Brute Force Attack is detected


Now before going to the last one, I’ve three honorable mentions but I wouldn’t recommend to use them as they are not tested with the past three major release of WordPress.

Here they are:

8. Ultimate Member & Job Manager

This particular extension has both free and pro version available to use. If you use WP Job Manager on your website then it will help you to integrate WP Job Manager with Ultimate Member plugin.

Ultimate Member Job Manager is compatible with the following WP Job Manager extensions:

  • Applications
  • Bookmarks
  • Job Alerts.

The pro version of this extension will unlock these features:

Integration with the following:

  • Applications addon for WP Job Manager
  • Resume Manager addon for WP Job Manager
  • Bookmarks addon for WP Job Manager
  • Job Alerts addon WP Job Manager


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