Meet Me - Matchmaking plugin for Ultimate Member

Meet Me

Ultimate Member Friend Meeting Plugin

Meet me is an Ultimate Member plugin built to help users connect on your Ultimate Member community. Use Meet Me to allow users to find profiles on dating sites, intranets, business directory, school directory and more.

This plugin has a built in customizable search filter to find the right profile. View user’s avatar and details then Like or Skip users. It’s like Tinder for Ultimate Member.

How Meet Me Matching Works


Search Users to Meet

The Meet Tab allows users to find desired profile based on user interests.


Don’t like the default heart and X icon? Change them easily via the admin seetings

Customizable Filters

Customize the user filter options with as many search fields easily from the admin.

Customizable User Details

Show a snapshot of user details on the Meet tab. Set which fields to be shown.

Matches Tab

Users can view all the users that are interested in them with the Matches tab.


Need to add custom actions or customizable template? Several WordPress hook available.

Create a WordPress Dating Site

Ultimate Member + Meet Me is all you need to make a dating site on WordPress. Simply set user search filters such as Gender, Sexual Orientation, Locations etc.


Create a simple friend finder

Make an easy Friend Finder community using Meet Me. Your users can search for similar profiles of users that meet their interest and connect with them. 

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More Ways to Use Meet Me

Looking for more ways you can use Meet Me for Ultimate Member. Here’s a few:

Gym Buddy Finder

Allow users to find other members to train them or just meet up to go to the Gym together.

Tutor Finder

Allow students to search for Instructors/Tutors that they would like to train with.


If you have a community where users would like to connect then Meet Me is a great option to make this happen.


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