Extend your Ultimate Member profiles by adding new tabs using the UM Custom Tab Builder

Ultimate Member profile tabs are usually built using code. With UM Custom Tab builder, you can create tabs with no coding necessary. The Tab builder helps to add custom tabs to profile and the new UM User Groups. 

tab types

3 Different types of tabs.

UM Forms

Separate different profile fields into separate tabs by adding UM Forms to different tabs.


Easily add a shortcode to it's own tab.


Add custom HTML content mixed with shortcodes and short tags.

Easy to use builder

Take the guessing out creating new tabs. Simply give the tabs a title, icon, slug and a bit of content and you’ve got yourself a new tab.

Short Tags

Add our custom short tags that allows you to pass dynamic tags to shortcodes.

Icon Picker

Choose Ultimate Member icons for the profile by simply clicking fromt the list.

Unlimited Tabs

Create unlimited tabs as much as needed. Hide/show tabs based on roles.


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