Faceted Search for Ultimate Member

Add an advanced user search to your Ultimate Member community. Let users filter users with an easy to use search tool.

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Faceted Search for Ultimate Member brings powerful filtering to any Ultimate Member site. View the number of users that match the search criteria before searching.

Use the faceted search to add different filters per Member Directory. With a few clicks you can create an Advanced Search for any of the following:

  • Professional Network;
  • Dating Community
  • Education
  • Talent Agency
  • Many more

Key Features

  • Unlimited Search Forms
  • Customize Search Field Labels
  • Fast AJAX filtering
  • Range filter – Use for ranges such as Age Ranges, Years in Industry, Height/Weight Range or any numerical fields.
  • Shortcode included
  • Widget Included
  • Indexes data on each profile update
  • Filter user by user role and profile fields
  • Filter all fields by keywords
  • Update entire index with 1 click
  • Works with any Social Tribe custom Member Directories templates
  • Integrates with User Tags – An extension you can use to add a user tag system to your website.

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    Fixed: Removing selected filter
    New: Added features for upcoming range filter
    Fixed: Edit Profile button disappears after search
    Fixed: License not activating
    Improvement: Updated libraries
    New: Range filter for searches like age range, years in industry etc.
    New: Add a column parameter to shortcode
    New: Added ability to use range on dates to things like current age
    New: Started base for adding select/dropdown option
    New: Staretd base for adding ability view search horizontally in grid
    Fixed: Issue with UM User tags not showing selected list
    Fixed: Some checkboxes weren't checking in some browsers
    New: Drop down/Select search filter Added
    Fixed: Some issue with checkboxes
    Fixed: Range not working with dates properly
    Fixed: All search option not being removed after being clicked
    Fixed: Restricted roles are displayed in search
    Fixed: No message displayed when no results found.
    Improvement: Search now works with Directory Search Filter settings
    Fixed: Selected range not resetting 
    Fixed: role_select and role_radio are not showing options
    Fixed: Counter not showing correct result with Directory Search Filter settings on
    New: Added option to allow multiple selection
    New: Search speed has been increased for faster results
    Fixed: Console error from jQuery script
    Fixed: Roles not unselecting when clicking X
    Improvement: Added a message when directory ID is not set in the shortcode
    Fixed: Error occurred in some filters due to last update
    New: Added ability to search from any page
    New: UM Faceted Search is compatible with UM 2.1+. No backwards compatibility.
    Fixed: UM Search causing error with Faceted Search
    New: Added a way to turn off counter
    Fixed: Some facets don't close
    Fixed: Choices with space on the end don't working
    Fixed: Some times search doesn't work with UM Search filters
    Fixed: Counter not displaying
    Fixed: Nelio AB plugin adds form fields automatically
    Fixed: Error occurs from hiding the counter
    Tested with WordPress 5.3.1
    Fixed: Fixed counter not showing correct number
    Fixed: Pagination not working in latest Ultimate Member directory update
    Fixed: Search not working in Ultimate Member version 2.1.3
    New: Added button to show/hide form
    Fixed: Search displays all users when no users should not be found
    Fixed: Columns change after search is done
    Updated libraries
    Fixed: Search not working UM Admin filtering
    Improved: Searches without counters are much faster
    Fixed: Last update left UM Faceted form blank
    New: Added option to set the collapse limit
    Fixed: New registered users not found in search immediately
    Fixed: Last update left UM Faceted form blank
    Fixed: This was a quick fix to the checkbox options not displaying
    Fixed: Some options not being displayed
    New: Started work on the better accessibility on the search form
    Maintenance: Tested compatability with WordPress 5.7 and Ultimate Member 2.1.16
    Fixed: License version was not set correctly
    Fixed: PHP warning when label missing
    Fixed: Some options not showing in the select dropdown
    New: Added option to change the default dropdown option
    New: Added option to sort select and checkboxes Aplhabetically and Count
    Maintenance: Tested compatability with WordPress 5.7.1 and Ultimate Member 2.1.17
    Fixed: Some users excluded by Member Directory settings are counted in filters
    New: Added new option for Full Name search
    Fixed: Removed fields without content in Admin
    Maintenance: Rested compatability with Ultimate Member 2.1.21
    Improvement: Cleaned up index table with blank values
    Improvement: Updated plugin to find results faster
    Fixed: Some options not appearing for custom fields
    New: Added feature to collapse field sections on mobile/desktop
    Fixed: Some terms from UM User tags now displaying
    Fixed: Last update broke multiple form feature
    Improvement: Form loads separately to search results for improved speed
    Fixed: Search is slow with lots of data and fields ( Kate )
    Fixed: Users can't select multiple options before search executes ( Tania )
    Maintenance: Began development of option to search on specific keys instead of all ( Allan )
    Fix: An error is given when deleting users ( Tania )
    Fixed: Options dissappear when trying to select other items
    Fixed: Form library dissappears based on PHP version used
    Improvement: Improved the form queries for faster loading.
    Fixed: Members list shows blank on next page
    Fixed: Some fields show more users than should be allowed
    Improvement: Some options not displaying correctly
    Improvement: Switched calls to WP REST for faster form results
    Fixed: Cover photos filter brokwen in
    Fixed: Checbox labels are not clickable
    Maintenance: Tested plugin with WordPress 6.0.1 and Ultimate Member 2.4.2
    Fixed: Bio/Description not an option for fields
    Maintenance: Code improvement
    Maintenance: Updated license and library functionality
    Maintenance: Tested with PHP 8, Wordpress 6.1.1. and Ultimate Member 2.5.2
    Fixed: Errors occur in PHP during data index
    Maintenance: Tested with Ultimate Member 2.5.4
    Fixed: UM User tag options not showing
    New: Added reset button to search form
    Maintenance: Codebase improvements
    Maintenance: Updated compatibility with PHP 8.2