Custom Orders for Easy Digital Downloads

Offer services through Easy Digital Downloads with Custom Orders
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Do you use Easy Digital Downloads and need to set up a custom order for your customers? That’s exactly what we needed and why we created Custom Orders for Easy Digital Downloads.

How it works

  1. Create a download file like normal except you select Custom Order from Product Type Options
  2. Set your pricing options as the minimum for the order
  3. Create a custom order by selecting the Download and give the Pricing Options a custom price
  4. Share the Custom Order URL with your customer(s)
  5. Customer pays the custom price set


  • You can create an unlimited Custom Orders for a single product
  • You can change the text on the Purchase button on the default product
  • You can add a custom link to the Purchase button on the default product. This is great for linking to a contact form for discussing the details for the custom order.
  • You can customize the text for the Purchase button when viewing a Custom Order. e.g Start Your Order
  • Works seamlessly with Easy Digital Downloads
Version: 1.0.0

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