Creating a Custom Tab in Ultimate Member: Step-by-Step Guide for Enhanced User Profiles

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Ultimate Member stands out as a versatile tool for creating dynamic community websites. One of its key features is the ability to customize user profiles. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a custom tab in Ultimate Member, which can significantly enhance the user experience on your site. At SuitePlugins, we created the first Custom Tab Builder for Ultimate Member that allows you create tabs without the knowledge of code. For those that want to build tabs from scratch, checkout the process below.

Understanding Custom Tabs in Ultimate Member

Custom tabs in Ultimate Member allow you to add additional content and functionality to user profiles. These can range from displaying unique user information, integrating third-party content, or showcasing user activities.

Step 1: Plan Your Custom Tab

Before diving into the technical aspects, it’s crucial to plan what your custom tab will contain. Consider the following:

  • The purpose of the tab (e.g., displaying user portfolios, linking to social media, etc.).
  • The type of content it will host (text, images, links, etc.).
  • Who will see the tab (all users, specific roles, etc.).

Step 2: Accessing Ultimate Member Settings

  • Navigate to the Ultimate Member section in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to the “User Profile” section where you can manage tabs.

Step 3: Adding a New Tab

  • Click on “Add New Tab.”
  • Fill in the tab title and select the appropriate icon if desired.
  • In the “Content” section, you can use HTML or shortcodes to add content to your tab.

Step 4: Customizing Tab Settings

  • Decide whether the tab should be private or public.
  • Set the visibility based on user roles if needed.
  • Arrange the order of the tabs by dragging and dropping them in your desired sequence.

Step 5: Adding Dynamic Content

To make your tab more interactive, consider the following:

  • Embedding shortcodes from other plugins.
  • Displaying user-specific content using Ultimate Member’s conditional logic.
  • Adding custom fields created in Ultimate Member to the tab.

Step 6: Testing and Iteration

  • View the tab in different user profiles to ensure it displays correctly.
  • Test for responsiveness and compatibility with different devices.
  • Gather feedback from users and make necessary adjustments.

Now that you’ve planned out your tab this is the code needed to put your idea together.

To create a custom tab in Ultimate Member using PHP, you’ll need to add some code to your WordPress site’s theme functions file. This process involves using actions and filters provided by Ultimate Member. Below is a step-by-step guide with the necessary PHP code.

Note: Ensure you have basic knowledge of PHP and WordPress development. It’s recommended to use a child theme for such customizations to prevent losing changes when updating your theme.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Custom Tab Using PHP:

  1. Open Your Theme’s Functions.php File:
    • Access your WordPress theme’s functions.php file. It’s better to do this in a child theme to avoid losing changes after a theme update.
  2. Add Code to Create a New Tab:
    • You’ll need to hook into Ultimate Member to add a new tab. Insert the following code into functions.php:
function add_custom_tab_in_um( $tabs ) {
    $tabs['my_custom_tab'] = array(
        'name' => 'My Custom Tab',
        'icon' => 'um-faicon-pencil',
        'custom' => true

    return $tabs;
add_filter( 'um_profile_tabs', 'add_custom_tab_in_um', 1000 );

This code adds a new tab called ‘My Custom Tab’. You can change the name and icon as per your requirements.

  1. Add Content to Your Custom Tab:
    • Now, you’ll need to define the content that appears in your custom tab. Add the following code:
function um_custom_tab_content( $args ) {
    if ( 'my_custom_tab' === $args['id'] ) {
        // Your custom content goes here. You can use HTML/PHP to generate content.
        echo '<p>This is my custom content for my custom tab.</p>';
add_action( 'um_profile_content_my_custom_tab_default', 'um_custom_tab_content' );

Replace the echo statement with the HTML or PHP content you want to display in your custom tab.

  1. Save and Upload Your Changes:
    • After adding the code, save your functions.php file.
    • If you’re editing the file locally, upload it to your server using FTP or a file manager in your hosting control panel.
  2. Test Your Custom Tab:
    • Go to your website, navigate to a user profile, and check if the new tab appears with the custom content.

By following these steps and using the provided PHP code, you can create a custom tab in Ultimate Member for your WordPress site. This allows you to add personalized features and content to user profiles, enhancing the user experience on your community or membership site.

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