Best Ultimate Member Extensions

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Want to enhance the capabilities of your Ultimate Member website? Or maybe you’re looking for a specific feature or functionality to help your visitors.

Whatever the reasons, these are some of the best Ultimate Member add-ons or extensions you might consider using.

Here’s a quick list before we discuss them in detail:

Now that you have glanced at the list of these fantastic Ultimate Member extensions, let’s talk about them briefly one by one:

I love using this official extension on my Ultimate Member website. This extension or add-on allows you to add a real-time notification system to your website, enabling visitors to receive updates and notifications in real time, as the name suggests.

Here are a few examples of what notifications are created with it:

  • Notify someone when their user role is changed. E.g., Upgrade or downgrade membership/rank.
  • Let your users know when someone looks at their profile, like LinkedIn.
  • Notify the user of any comments or replies to their posts.
  • Let your users know they have earned points by completing a task. (Requires myCRED extension)
  • and more…

You can also control the time delay if you want that, or your server may require it.

With this extension, you also provide access to notification history for the users, and they can also enable or disable these notifications based on their preference. Oh yes, they can also delete those notifications if they want.

I love this extension because it helped to increase user engagement and interactions on my website. And guess what? The user retention time is higher than ever.


I think the name already gave away what it is but let’s talk about it a little bit anyway. The Meet Me add-on or extension for Ultimate Member allows you to create a matchmaking system on your website.

You can use it to create a dating or directory website that allows your users to find the right one they are looking for.

For example, it can be a school directory, business directory, matchmaker for professionals looking for partners, etc.

The extension has a built-in search filter which allows anyone to find exactly what they are looking for, and it also has a Tinder-like user interface where they can like or skip a particular user.

It also features the matches tab, where users can view all the interested participants, customizable user details, etc.


This is again an outstanding extension for Ultimate Member that I found on CodeCanyon. This extension allows you to sell subscriptions on your website with the help of WooCommerce.

The selling part is self-explanatory, of course, but here are some ideas on how this plugin can be utilized:

  • Provide a support service for your industry or expertise.
  • Sell a subscription for access to specific details about something.
  • Create job websites with a subscription wall.
  • And tons of other possibilities…

The plugin is not simply an extension that will allow you to sell subscriptions; it is also feature-packed, unlike other alternatives.

With this extension, you get the following benefits and features:

  • Create subscription products for any length of the term. It can be days, hours, or even minutes.
  • You can also create a subscription that will end on a specific date.
  • Restrict your website content, such as pages, posts, menu items, custom profile fields, etc.
  • Send email reminders to increase renewals automatically.
  • Manual subscription modification for exceptional cases.
  • And a lot more.

Interesting, isn’t it? So go ahead and start your subscription business with the help of Ultimate Member, WooCommerce, and UM Switcher.


This is another official extension by Ultimate Member that is super helpful in showing notices to your website visitors or members.

Unlike real-time notifications, this one is controlled by you and doesn’t strain your server resources.

The use case example for this extension could be an announcement for all your visitors, asking members to do something, using it as a call to action, etc.

Here are some of the key features of this extension:

  • Create as many notices as you want.
  • Show a sitewide notice using the footer notice.
  • Show a specific notice in a particular place using a shortcode.
  • Track the clicks on the notices.
  • Show the notice to everyone or particular roles.
  • Use it as a call to action.
  • Use it to encourage or remind users about doing something, such as uploading a profile picture.
  • And much more…

This is an essential but beneficial add-on that you may think about using.


Now this one is something special. The Documents for Ultimate Member extension by SuitePlugins allows you to create a site where users can upload and share documents and files.

The use case examples for this plugin are:

  • A website where users can attach receipts or notes to their accounts.
  • You can attach instructions or guides to use a website or a specific tool.
  • Sharing contracts for agreements, and you have the control to confirm the deal before allowing it to download.
  • Attaching grades or notes for a school website.
  • Building a portfolio website with digital assets.
  • And a lot more…

And by the way, you also have privacy control so that the uploads can only be seen by the users or visitors that are supposed to see them.

Here are the key features of this extension:

  • Approval system for the user uploads.
  • Receive an email notification when someone uploads a new file.
  • Customize form labels.
  • Allow users to share docs with others.
  • Confirmation before downloads.
  • Pinned files.
  • Download the tracker for admin, including the user details.
  • Privacy per file upload.
  • Download count.
  • Custom Documents tab and a lot more…

You can check out all the features this extension has on this page and screenshots and how it works.


What’s the most important thing about internet companies and websites? It’s data.

Well, UserInsights allows you to see the data collected by the Ultimate Member plugin on your website beautifully and effectively.

Not only the traditional data fields built into this awesome WordPress community plugin but also the custom fields used on your website.

This Ultimate Member extension has the following features and benefits backed in for you:

  • It automatically detects all the Ultimate Member form fields, including the custom form fields, and adds them to your WordPress user table with more functionality.
  • This allows you to create an intelligent way to search, filter, and analyze your members’ or users’ data.
  • It helps you create smart filters in your WordPress dashboard to make it easier to manage and analyze things.
  • If you use drop-down or radio button fields on your forms, it can detect that, too and allow it to be used as a filter.
  • With UserInsights, you can filter through data such as gender, age, date of birth, multi-select options, etc. Helpful right?
  • All these data can also be added to the user profile section, which unlocks many scenarios that would be super helpful.
  • Apart from that, you can also export all these data if you need to.
  • And last but not least, you can also create unique visuals and charts with your members’ data which is an excellent way of looking at them.

This allows you to analyze your business or website better and make better decisions accordingly. It’s an extension that should be on your watchlist.


It is, again, an official extension that allows you to create private content for specific users, as the name suggests.

While it may not be super helpful for everyone, I see it as one of the most used extensions for many website owners.

This extension could be used when you want to share something exclusive to a certain number of users or members of your community website. For example, maybe a hidden code or a promo code.

Here are the key features of this extension:

  • Enable a private content area for each user in the WP admin area.
  • The website owner can add content in the WP Admin.
  • A provided shortcode can be placed anywhere on the website, and it will still be visible to only those who are supposed to look at it.
  • The private content tab can also be disabled for user profiles if needed.

I see the potential of this extension being used in a very creative way. And that’s why it made it to this list of best Ultimate Member extensions in 2023.


User Gallery for Ultimate Member – By SuitePlugins

What’s a community website without images and videos on it? The User Gallery for Ultimate Member extension by SuitePlugins allows you to enable your users to upload images and videos.

And in case you know that there are multiple gallery plugins available for your Ultimate Member website, I’m mentioning this one because I liked it the most.

You can either set it as an album for users to upload or set it to behave like Instagram, which looks pretty cool.

To make it more interactive or engaging, you can also enable comments on the uploads, which is also designed like Instagram, which looks great.

Here are some of the features of User Gallery for Ultimate Member extension by SuitePlugins:

  • Allows tags and categories on uploads (add-on required)
  • Photos are editable by the admin.
  • Activity wall posting like social media websites.
  • Comments on uploads.
  • Vimeo video support.
  • Upload both videos and images alongside.
  • Ability to organize photos and videos into albums.
  • Three different layouts to choose from.
  • Easy drag-and-drop media file uploader.
  • Ability to display recent uploads on the profile landing page.
  • And a lot more…

Make your Ultimate Member website more interesting today with the help of User Gallery for Ultimate Member extension by SuitePlugins.


This is, again, one of the fantastic extensions that enhances your website’s overall experience. We’re all familiar with what the word ‘verified users’ means, as it is available on almost all major social media platforms and community websites.

You can do the same for your website if you want to. The Verified Users extension allows you to add a user verification system on your website so that they can request verification, and you can manually verify them as an admin.

The use case is straightforward for this extension; if your website requires some trust with the members of the registered entities, then this could be super helpful.

For example, if you create a local job board website, you may want to add verified status to the employers or agencies.

The Verified Users extension by Ultimate Member has the following key features at the moment:

  • It adds a user verification system on your website, and users can request you to get verified.
  • One can also cancel the request for verification if something changes.
  • Adds sort options to directories so that the verified users are displayed first. Suppose you wish so, of course.
  • Users will be automatically notified via email if they are verified.
  • As an admin, you will also receive an email notification when someone requests user verification.
  • Adds a users’ page filter so admins can work on the users awaiting verification response.
  • And more…

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Verified Users extension today and take your website to a different level of authenticity.


In Conclusion

While the Ultimate Member plugin is already one of the most popular membership and community plugins for WordPress, it has much more potential with the help of extensions and add-ons.

These extensions add some additional features or allow you to modify some things to customize and tailor the Ultimate Member plugin to your needs and requirements.

That’s why I have listed some of the best Ultimate Member extensions on this page, which you look through and find the right one that can improve your website or community.

That being said, let me know if you guys have any suggestions in the comment section below.

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