Behind the Scenes: August 2016

Get access to all plugins for $99 with our All Access Lifetime Suite!

Yoohoo! Yes we are still here cooking up some awesomeness. So without further ado, here’s the August Update

Fresh Design

In our opinion, SuitePlugins needed a face lift. We were happy with the Marketify theme by Astoundify but we opted to switch to Checkout by ArrayThemes. We made some tiny changes to meet our needs but Checkout’s default look is great for us.

Success of UM Starter Suite

As you all may know, we introduced a bundle of plugins for Ultimate Member for $99. We also offered our past customers the opportunity to just pay the difference of how much they have already spent with us. Plus, if anyone spent more than $99, we are paying the difference.

Everyone is very please with the bundle so we have decided to extend it at the introductory price. So enjoy all!

More Ultimate Member Plug-ins

We have a backlog of plugins to launch but we are especially excited about the Plug-ins for Ultimate Member. The plugins Stories and Gallery are getting a total revamp and we are working on our latest UM Suite which is going to be UM Dating Suite. This suite will be a bundle of plugins for creating a dating website/social network.

Customer Support

We are working on improving our customer support section. So far, we have added a feedback popup and several forms throughout the site so you our customers can reach out to us easily. All team members are in Eastern Timezone. However in order to serve you better, we are responding to messages any time of day or night, as soon as possible.



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