Things are changing here! Prices, New Plugins and Custom Work.

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Things are about to change a bit here at SuitePlugins. Some new pricing structures are about to change and we are working hard on Custom Work.


This isn’t the first time prices have changed on SuitePlugins, in fact prices were changed several time to balance the support needed, the value of the plugins and to keep more plugins coming. This time around, I’d like to encourage more Ultimate Member customers to take advantage plugin bundles like the UM Starter Bundle. The bundle offers more plugins and more licenses at much lower value. I thought about discontinuing the sale of individual plugins but for those that truly wanted a single plugin, then I think it’s unfair to force a bundle on them (even though it pretty much worth it).


As you know SuitePlugins have some sweet plugins, most of which cater to Ultimate Member but a lot more is on the rise. Plugins for BuddyPress, GravityForms, WooCommerce are being built. I think some diversity is needed on the site as that was the intention behind creating SP.

Custom Work

If you missed the post about where to find custom work then I’ll mention it again. SuitePlugins do perform custom work and do it very well, I must say. So, there’s going to be some changes here on the site to highlight that. Some of the services provided are:

  • WordPress installation and setup
  • Theme Customizations
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Project Consultation and Discovery
  • Basically anything WordPress related 🙂

So, there you have it. Look out for these changes and I personally look forward to working with you.

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