What’s new for June and July 2020?

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Here at SuitePlugins, there’s always some idea being cooked up and for June, that’s no different. For June, we have done the following updates

  • Made UM Faceted Search faster and fixed some query issues
  • Fixed the Docs add-on for Ultimate Member so admins can restrict the tab to owners only
  • Added an option to the Events add-on for Ultimate Member so admin can make the events private

Upcoming Plugins

Add-on for Ultimate Member and WP Job Manager

There’s been quite a bit of requests for the pro version of the add-on for Ultimate Member + WP Job Manager. So, there’s been a lot of work done to get this ready with new features. So look out for that one.

Add-on for WP Job Manager + MemberPress

This new add-on is built for WP Job Manager and MemberPress. This one will allow admins to charge a subscription to their candidates/job seekers to apply to posted jobs.

Profiles add-on for WP Job Manager

This one is still in research phase but we are currently looking into having an add-on that will allow candidates to fill information for digital resume without the need for a separate Social Networking plugin like Ultimate Member, BuddyPress etc. It may be a flop but let’s see what happens! 😬

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