Ultimate Member Custom Tab Builder updates for August 2020

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Well! August has just rolled in and there’s some cool updates coming in! In an upcoming update, we are introducing Custom Accounts Tab and Sub navs.

Custom Accounts Tab for Ultimate Member

As you all know, UM Custom Tab Builder has been around for a few months and it has been awesome for the most part. It allows us to add a custom tab to user profiles and groups. Behind the scenes, we have been working on a way to add custom account tabs as well and this has been coming along nicely. So! You all can look out for that!

Sub navs for the Tab builder

When UM Custom Tabs was first created, we wanted to make it straight forward so we left out the option for sub navs. Well it’s time for an update, we are working on an update that will bring sub navs to this favored Ultimate Member plugin.

What’s next for UM Custom Tab?

You tell us! We are always open to finding new ideas and features to improve our plugins. So feel free to email us with any features that you’d like to see in the plugin.

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