Ultimate Member 2.1.0 and UM Faceted Search, Social Tribe and more

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We were just notified of an Ultimate Member update and that it is currently affecting the functionality of the plugin UM Faceted Search.

Here are some important factors about the 2.1.0 changelog


  • To learn more about version 2.1 please see this topic
  • UM2.1+ is a significant update to the Member Directories’ code base from 2.0.x. Please make sure you take a full-site backup with restore point before updating the plugin

This version of the plugin has caught us by surprise so we will begin the process of making all our plugins fully compatible with the 2.1+ member directory codebase.

Update 1

We found that Social Tribe was also affected by the update. We have since released an update that makes the theme compatible with the UM Update. So what’s changed? We removed our custom member directory templates and moved them to the new View types feature.

Next up is UM Faceted Search. We anticipate this will be a big update, so we will keep you updated on this. See y’all in a bit.

Update 2

We have fixed UM Faceted Search to now be compatible with UM 2.1.0 but have not launched the update as yet. We are still testing this out so look out for the update. We were also notified of an issue with UM Docs so that’s being worked on as well.

Update 3

UM Docs has been updated to be compatible with UM 2.1+

Update 4

UM Faceted Search is now compatible with UM 2.1+

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