Stories for Ultimate Member is getting a facelift

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Ohh yes! You read that right. We are giving the plugin Stories for Ultimate Member a serious upgrade. We’ve been listening to what you all have been saying and want to help.

Stories was one of the first addons created for Ultimate Member and it has quite a bit done to it but we think it can be better. Over the past few days, we have received an influx of ideas from customers and prospective customers on how to make this plugin even better so we would like to take the opportunity to listen and improve.

Here are some of the items under consideration for the plugin

  • Revamped submission form
  • Include Page breaks
  • Inline photos with text
  • Admin notifications and approval of entries
  • Add more shortcodes
  • Add widgets
  • Add more settings
  • Add tags
  • Make stories/entries visible to friends or specific users (Privacy)
  • Include comments into stories
  • Include story ratings
  • Improve documentation

Although, we do not have a set time for the plugin overhaul, we would love to get your suggestions.

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