Introducing SuitePlugins

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After months of planning and development, SuitePlugins has officially been pushed live. As this is the first blog post, I’d like to first thank you for visiting SuitePlugins. Here is what we are all about.

Who is SuitePlugins?

We are a WordPress Plugin shop focused on creating creative and innovative plugins. As of launch, this is a two-man operation and we have been taking our time crafting plugins that we think you will find useful.

Why Now?

Well, after fighting with ourselves over when should we go live, we finally decided to release our plugin BP Premiums and couple of its add-ons to the world. With this release, we wanted persons to be able to come on our site and find out more about us.

Where are you now?

We are at ground zero! We are starting from the bottom and working ourselves up. We currently have a few plugins on the WordPress repo which we will be increasing as time goes by, we will also be looking to creating more add-ons for BP Premiums. We think that this plugin can be a great asset to many developers using BuddyPress. With that said, we look forward to feedback about our plugins and how we can improve them for your experience.


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