How to use Ultimate Member Shortcodes

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Overview of Ultimate Member

Most of us now use the Ultimate Member plugin for creating membership sites. Be it more like a social networking site or, something specific to your needs, it always serves us up to the mark.

Yet not all of us went through the whole documentation of it to gain more knowledge about this plugin. You might be using it via the widgets section, page builder, Gutenberg block etc. But do you know that it also works with the shortcodes?

In this article, I’m going to show you all the Ultimate Member Shortcodes that can be so handy and useful for you. 

Ultimate Member utilizes WordPress shortcodes feature to let users display forms or anything specific in WordPress pages and posts. It includes numerous shortcodes that can be used for displaying various parts of the plugin, such as user profiles, registration forms, online users, followers and many more.

Now let’s dive in!

Ultimate Member Shortcodes

These are the core shortcodes for the Ultimate Member plugin.

User Profile, Login & Registration Forms

The shortcodes for user profile, log in and registration forms are specific to your site. You can find them by going to your wp-admin dashboard > Ultimate Member > Forms page.

It will look something like this: [ultimatemember form_id=”9494″], The numbers will be specific to your site.

Member Directory

 The shortcode for member directory also look like the above example and it is also specific to your site. It can be found in your wp-admin dashboard > Ultimate Member > Member Directory page.

Forgot Password/Password Reset Form

 To display the password reset form or forgot the password, you can use the shortcode [ultimatemember_password]

Account Form

 The shortcode for the account form is [ultimatemember_account]. You can also display individual account tabs using [ultimatemember_account tab=”TAB_ID”]

For example, [ultimatemember_account tab=”password”]. The tab ID can be found in the URL while you are on this tab e.g /account/general, so “general” is your tab id.

Shortcodes for Ultimate Member Plugins

“Notice” Shortcodes

The notice shortcodes are used to show a specific notice to a page or post. You can also use any of the shortcodes as widgets as you know.

To get the notice shortcodes, go to WP-admin Dashboard > Ultimate Member > Notices.

The notice shortcode looks like this: [ultimatemember_notice id=”123” ]

“Notifications” Shortcodes

Show Notifications

 This shortcode is used to display the user’s notifications on a notification page or elsewhere.

The shortcode to display the user’s notifications is [ultimatemember_notifications]

Show Notification Count

You can also display the notifications count for a logged-in user. It is used on a post/page, menu and widget with shortcode support. This shortcode will display the total number of notifications of the current logged in user.

The shortcode is: [ultimatemember_notification_count]

“Online” Shortcodes

You can display the online users by using the following shortcode: [ultimatemember_online max=”11” roles=”all” ]

Where the parameter,

Max = maximum limit of the total online users to display (by default it is 11)

Roles = filter for user role to show as online users (by default it is set to “all”)

“Social Activity” Shortcodes

User Profile Wall

This shortcode is used on the user profile page to displays wall posts of the user.

The shortcode is: [ultimatemember_wall user_id=”123”  hashtag=”’#mypost” wall_post=”3”  user_wall=”true” ]

Where the following parameters are used:

user_id (integer) – to show specific user wall posts by user ID.

hashtag (string) – to show specific user wall posts by Hashtag.

user_wall (bool) – to show the form on the wall.

wall_post (integer) – to show specific post/activity


Use this shortcode on your Activity page, it lets a user see wall posts and activities of the other users.

The details of parameters (and attributes ) for this shortcode is as follows:

user_id (integer)– it helps you to show a specific user wall posts by the user ID.

hashtag (string) – it is used to show the specific user wall posts by a Hashtag.

user_wall (bool) – this will show the form on the wall.

template (string) – it is the name of the activity template

form_id ( string ) – the form id append in the element id

wall_post (integer)  show a specific post or activity

mode (string) – the mode name append in the element’s class

Now here is how the shortcode looks like:

[ultimatemember_activity user_id=”123”  hashtag=”#mypost” user_wall=”false” wall_post=”3”   template=”activity” mode=”activity” form_id=”um_activity_id” ]

“Followers” Shortcode

List of Followers

This shortcode is used to shows the followers of a registered user. The shortcode is [ultimatemember_followers user_id=”123” style=”default” max=”11” ]

Where the details of parameters (and attributes ) are as follows:

user_id (integer)  to show the followers of a specific user

style (string) – there are two style options:

  • avatars – it shows followers lists with avatars
  • default – it shows followers list with avatars and ‘follow’ bars

max (string) – the total number of followers to display

List Following

As the name suggests, this shortcode shows the people a registered user follows.

The parameters (and attributes) details are given below:

user_id (integer)  it shows the people a specific user follows

style (string) – there are two style options:

  • avatars – it showsthe following lists with avatars
  • default – it showsfthe ollowing lists with avatars and the follow bars

max (string) – the total number of followers to display

Now here’s the shortcode: [ultimatemember_following user_id=”123” style=”default” max=”11” ]

Follow Bars

It shows a follow bar with the total number of followers and following of a specific user.

The shortcode for this is: [ultimatemember_followers_bar user_id=”123” ].

Where the user_id is the user id (integer) of a specific user.

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