How to disable Ultimate Member Avatar uploads

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Here’s a quick snippet on how to disable Ultimate Member Avatar Uploads.

add_filter( 'um_user_photo_menu_view', 'um_remove_avatar_upload', 10 );
add_filter( 'um_user_photo_menu_edit', 'um_remove_avatar_upload', 10 );
function um_remove_avatar_upload() {
	return '';

The filter um_user_photo_menu_view is used when you are view mode in Ultimate Member and um_user_photo_menu_edit is used when you are editing mode. Inside of the callback, instead of returning the two default links “Upload Photo” and “Cancel”, the callback will return nothing thus hiding the options.

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Disabling Ultimate Member avatars might be useful if you don’t want your members to upload avatars that don’t meet your site’s audience. For instance the following social networks would need stricter control over what avatar can be seen:

  • Children/Young Audience Communities
  • Religious Communities such as Church
  • Professional Communities with open-registration

One way that you can manage what avatar can be chosen is by creating a list of avatars that your users can choose from. This is possible with Avatar Suggestions plugin for Ultimate Member. With this installed, you can create a set of avatars available for selection, disable users’ ability to upload an avatar from their computer and set a default fallback avatar for all your users.

The Avatars Suggestions plugin is also useful for sites that don’t allow uploaded avatars but would like to keep theme related avatars.

Here’s an example of how the plugin works

Ultimate Member Avatar Picker

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