Ultimate Member Gallery

Ultimate Member is a powerful and flexible plugin yet it doesn’t support user gallery natively. This plugin allows yours to create a photo gallery and a video gallery in their profile.

Ultimate Member – Navigation Menu

Adds the Ultimate Member nav menu into the admin bar for easier navigation. Also, provides Ultimate Member links in Appearance > Menu section.

Ultimate Member Profile Tabs

Easily add custom profile tabs to your Ultimate Member user profiles.

Social Media Links for Ultimate Member

Great easy to use plugin to add your social media accounts to your Ultimate Member profile.

Ultimate Member Job Manager

This plugin integrates WP Job Manager and its extensions into your Ultimate Member user profiles.

This plugin needs Ultimate Member and WP Job Manager to be installed!

Login Widget for Ultimate Member

This extension is a simple login widget that will display a login form for Ultimate Member. Once logged in, users will have quick access to all their Ultimate Member tabs, Profile and Account Edit.

UM Relational Fields

Ultimate Member helps you build a community. A community is all about being linked. This plugin allows you to link users to other users, as well as post types and taxonomies. Now you can create a true, linked community!

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