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    On the Settings->Layout tab, I think that the titles of two sections might be reversed.

    The first section is titled “Gallery Tab”, but from the contents I think this is stuff about the Main/Profile tab (e.g. the italics text under “Profile Layout Type” says “Select the type of layout for photos on the main tab”), and then similarly below there’s a title “Main/Profile” tab that I think is the section about the Gallery tab.

    Separately, on the Albums page there’s a typo – it says “avaliable” instead of “available”.



    Is this site dead? No blog update since August 2017, the forums seem pretty moribund. I am having trouble with getting this plugin working and showing pics at all, and am wondering whether any support is still active.


    No, it’s far from dead. There has been a lot of updates in the works. I will take a look at this to resolve this issue for you.


    ok, good to know, thanks. I will post about my main issue then. Edit – ah, it looks like my main issue is fixed now, I think it was a caching issue (but I’ll do some more testing). The minor issues that I raised in the initial post are still there though.

    I was just kinda concerned about the lack of developer responses recently and the lack of blog entries. Good to know that things are going forward still.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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