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    Thank you so much for the feedback, I am surprised some of these issues weren’t brought to my attention sooner. I have been working on an update, that will resolve these issues.

    I will keep you all informed, it won’t take long.


    Hey everyone, there has been several updates to the gallery plugin. Here are several issues that were recorded and fixed

    • Changed new gallery to prepend to list-style
    • Added AJAX animation during save
    • Removed images and videos after album update
    • Fixed images not deleting from server
    • Fixed image not displaying after deletion in lightbox
    • Fixed broken image after new image insert
    • Fixed issue with deleting albums from admin.

    I am looking forward to any feedback on the update.


    Thank you! Just uploaded the update and tested it. Here is some current feedback for the new update:

    *Please add some kind of confirmation that the photo(s)/video have been uploaded successfully to the album before they clear from the screen (it refreshing is good.)

    *Please add/replace the “Cancel” button’s link to <a href="javascript:history.go(0)" class="um-modal-btn um-gallery-close alt" id="um-gallery-cancel" onClick="history.go(0)"> in album-form.php (in templates>um-gallery>manage). This will refresh the profile page on clicking the “Cancel” button (which I renamed to “Close”). This helps avoid confusion since currently when you click “Cancel” no album appears after adding one. Refreshing the page shows the album and rectifies the issue for now.

    *Please add instructions to the gallery/album upload pop-up window. Here is an example/suggestion based on my edit: Gallery Upload Instructions Example

    *Recent photos are still showing on the “main” Ultimate Member profile tab, even if the option is set to “no” and amount of photos on the profile page are set to “0” from the plugin’s admin settings. Please fix this as I personally don’t want to use this feature. I am currently having to use a work around by adding <style type="text/css">.um-gallery-item-wrapper {display: none!important;} .um-gallery-grid {display: none!important;} </style> into a content block of the Ultimate Member’s default profile form.

    *Minor adjustments are the following buttons need to match the UM theme: the “Add Video” button on the upload screen, and the “Save” and “Cancel” buttons for Edit Caption for individual photos.

    I’ll post more if I come across anything else.


    Looks like Stories still conflicts with Gallery Pro, at least in my situation. When you click “Add Album” the upload window does not pop-up. Disabling Stories or uninstalling it fixes the issue.

    tony wiggins

    I too have a problem not being able to save photos.

    -I had the lite version installed. I completely deactivated and uninstalled that
    -I installed this full version
    -I can drag and drop photos into an album, press save, the images look to be saving but they don’t. There are zero files in album. No photo uploaded/saved
    – I have tried this with all plugins disabled and enabled, the result is the same
    -I have an active license, and the website/s are registered in my account here

    Can you kindly advise what I can do next please, thanks


    Hi Tony,
    I have sent you an email concerning this.


    I bought the plugin today and I have the same problem as tony wiggins describes.
    Can you send me also an email with a fix?


    This is much better! 🙂 Now, just a minor issue and a question:

    The activity link to new album has a “target=’blank'” tag. Is there a way to change this? Considering that this is a link to a different tab on the same profile menu, preferred behavior would be to follow through in the same window.

    Also, is there a template we can customize, and in which was can we overwrite the original css? Thanks!

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