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    I’ve set up the Pro version of the Gallery plugin. Everything looks fine, but when I try to upload photos, upload gets “stuck” – I drag the images over to upload box, get the thumbnail previews with the upload bar on each, but bar never shows uploading, and nothing else happens. Clicking “Save” does nothing either.

    All the test images are of fairly small filesize, and I’ve tested with a single image, too.

    Any suggestions?


    Thanks for trying out UM Gallery Pro. If you previously used the lite version from the WordPress repo, you can go to Dashboard > UM Gallery Pro > Settings and choose Settings then Addons.

    From that panel, please try activating the ‘Videos’ addon. Looking forward to your feedback after trying this.


    Hello again,
    I haven’t used the lite version before installing Pro. I tried enabling videos, but nothing changed.
    (By the way, I don’t want to use the Video addon as I’m using another plugin that actually allows users to upload videos & don’t want to confuse them.) Thanks! Any other ideas?

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    Great! How can I send you this confidential information?

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    Thanks! I see that you have a multisite and the Gallery plugin is network activated. By this, I assume you would like the plugin to work on each individual sites separately without sharing the same database, is this correct?

    Currently, the plugin is not configured to work as a network activated plugin. I can make the necessary updates that would allow each store to have its own set of galleries.


    Hi again,
    Sorry for delay, I had a business call. Yes, having UM Gallery as a full multisite plugin would be preferred behavior please.


    Thanks for your patience. A new plugin update has been pushed that fixes the issue with multisite. Now, you can network activate the plugin without issues.


    Hello again, a slight improvement, photos are uploading. Now, still a whole lot of issues:

    –If the album title is too long, field changes color but there’s no indication as to what that means. It took a while to figure out what was wrong. Is there a template I can change to include instructions?

    –Photos upload AFTER I click “Save”. There’s no indication at all of success, so I ended up clicking save two more times and creating two extra albums. When I deleted 2 extra albums, 1 album copy I wanted to keep was also gone. After correct upload, I didn’t know what to do to get rid of the upload field, no “X” or anything (I did figure out to click outside the album field, but many of my users won’t).

    –Random number of albums was displayed first time I created an album – 3 showed up, and only after I refreshed the page, I got the right number.

    –Random number of photos in album showed up after upload, correcting itself only after refresh.

    –The “Edit” icon only lets me upload more photos, not delete or shuffle existing photos. Is this intended behavior?

    Thank you much for a quick response earlier.


    I am having the exact same issues as jadeconcept. I would assume the upload window would close once an album is created and the photos have been uploaded, but it just stays on the screen until you click cancel.

    The process appears to create two albums that are the same. If you delete one of the duplicates, it actually deletes everything. If you refresh the page, it shows one album as it is suppose to.

    The edit caption area has buttons that are not matching to the rest of the UM colors – they are gray and stick out like a sore thumb.


    I wish I could edit my original post… it only shows multiple albums initially if you upload more than one photo. Refreshing fixes this – but it is still odd and causes confusion.


    Thank you both for the update. I will look into these immediately.


    One additional issue I am running into is that recently uploaded photos still show on the main tab even if the option is unchecked and saved.

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